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2019 Thank you & Donor list


YOU can make the difference!

Corcoran Neighborhood Organization relies on people like you, members of our community, and your generosity.  We work with renters, help foster new development in the neighborhood, run the Midtown Farmers Market, support businesses in the neighborhood, and enable changes to the intersection at Lake and Hiawatha. This work will not happen without you – whether you give your time or donate to CNO or the MFM, we rely on residents like you. We are continually grateful for the generosity as well as the years of involvement and dedication to create a community that is a great place to live!

Please consider making an end of year donation to the CNO.  No donation is too small. Your donation could help provide advocacy to a renter, support for our Farmer’s market or help lift a local entrepreneur’s business to the next level.

Donations accepted online at or at our office located at 3451 Cedar Avenue South.

Thanks to the following residents who have made donations to CNO and/or the Midtown Farmers Market in 2019:

  • Adam and Devin Tomczik*
  • Andrea Cecconi
  • Bronwyn Brewer
  • Chase Shutak*
  • Dillon Fried*
  • Erika Garcia*
  • Genevieve Olive*
  • George Hoagland*
  • Karen Galles*
  • Kate Duffy
  • Kelly Savage*
  • Mary Buhr*
  • Matthew Kazinka
  • Melanie Casiday
  • Melanie Mozingo*
  • Minneapolis Business Photos
  • Russell and Jenna Grigsby*
  • Sarah Lawrence-Lupton*
  • Stephanie Windfeldt*
  • Susan Hensel*
  • Tanya Snyder*

* denotes CNO / MFM Sustainers

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