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Easy, At Home Exercise Ideas

So many of us are working from home and have given up gym memberships during COVID, but we may also be worried about gaining weight during these stressful times. I have heard friends talk about the Quarantine Fifteen or their COVID belly and I can totally understand why. My gym membership is on hold and I had taken to having a cocktail on the deck to beat the heat, and we all know it was a very hot summer!

Now, though, summer is over and I am back on my game and wanted to share some tips to help you get some easy strength work in, even if you are trapped at home all day long. Did you know your home can be a built in circuit drill? By developing some simple habits and pairing them with your normal routines, you can easily build strength without changing your clothes or breaking a major sweat.

Here’s how you do it. Think of an exercise and match it with one of your daily routines and/or a room in your house. Write the exercise on a post it note and stick it in the appropriate room to remind you every time you do your routine or go to that room. Be sure and follow your own rules – and don’t cheat!

Here are some examples:
Bathroom – if you use an electric toothbrush you can do 20 squats while brushing, if not, balance on one foot while you brush the uppers and the other foot while you do the lowers, or maybe your bathroom break could includes some lunges?
Kitchen I like to do countertop pushups. Put your hands on the edge of the counter, back your feet out and do pushups. Start with 5 every time you go to the fridge and work your way up. If you actually plan to leave with a snack, double it! If you hand wash your dishes, do calf raises while you are washing and get a little added workout.
Bedroom – Every night you can add some nice leg and back stretches before you go to bed.

If you get creative, a routine like this will help you maintain your muscle and make it easier when you go back to the gym. If you didn’t already have a routine, the added workout could help you build some muscle and tone up. If you have kids, they may really enjoy doing the exercises with you and help keep you on track.

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