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Sentio Ergo Sum Cogito, by The Incomplete Skeptic

Sentio Ergo Sum Cogito, by The Incomplete Skeptic, Timothy G Cameron

Let’s start the Church of the Impetuous Paradox where we “spend” time inspecting the history of forever & chronologize eternity. LOL!

Truth without paradox is dead.

No disrespect intended, but both the delegates of ‘Pseudo cum laude’ Cogito Ergo Sum entourage and René Descartes belonged in a Thinker’s Anonymous meeting. Descartes glorified thinking and abandoned himself (and relegated others) to the systematized, outside-in approach to life. But real sunshine comes from the inside-out.

Sentio ergo sum cogito. I Feel (the heart), therefore, I Think (the mind) I Am. For me, the mind is the thinking part of the heart, and the heart is the feeling part of the mind. Mind and heart are ONE. The Greeks did so much to revolutionize culture abroad and I celebrate this, but they also made schizophrenics of generations for thousands of years by focusing on mind and marginalizing heart.

Thoughts are the substance of mind, as hope is the substance of things unseen, and UNSEEN like Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is the wiping off the dust from the Mirror that is Humanity’s God or Higher Power.

Original Mind & Original Heart are One. Have you ever heard the saying, be ye as little children, for such is the Kingdom of God? THAT! I’ve also read that “Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination.” e.e. cummings

I’m in charge of what I say, you’re in charge of what you hear. The same applies to the written word. The Alpha and the Omega/the snake eating itself, as above so below/on earth as it is in Heaven all bear common or ancient ancestry. Sit back and dwell on that silently for a while.

I draw an ironic smile when I hear someone say that ‘feelings are not facts’ because I believe that Love (a feeling) is the Greatest Fact ever experienced. Drawing abstract consciousness from the original mind is like unsheathing the flaming sword protecting Eden’s Tree of Life, and is akin to a solution feasting like vampires on problems. “Live in the solution” sounds good to the EGO, but is the paradigm of self-slavery to the extreme. Goethe related that the most secure prison is the one we don’t know we are in.

War is the greatest paradigm of forced cooperation, yet comprehension is not a Peacekeeper requirement of cooperation. Respect is. Forcing solutions and imposing harmony is a maladaptive dire sickness plaguing us, leading to a societal psychosis that even music might not cure. Music and poetry, prayer and acts of compassionate discourse have helped save my life through the years. Let’s bring that back into focus again.

The great philosopher Rodney King nailed it, but cruel satirical headlines attended his echoes, but I’ll repeat his unconditional grace here because true freedom lives in the Questions of Life and not so much in the answers: “Can’t we all just get along?”

As ‘The Picard’ would say: “ENGAGE” and as someone near and dear to my heart said some 2,000 years ago, “Love one another.”

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