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Business Spotlight: BluGirl SoapWorks

Roxanne and Benjamin Benson

I met Roxanne on a Tuesday at the Midtown Farmer’s Market and was immediately taken with her bubbly spirit.  I browsed her table and purchased a mix of products.  I loved her selection of skin products and soaps, all made thoughtfully for sensitive skin – soaps, beard balm, laundry detergent and moisturizers, to name a few. One of my favorite products are her little soap rocks.  She takes leftover product and rolls it into the shape of little stones.   They make for cute and affordable little gifts and are the perfect size for travel or camping (no need to totally rough it!)  I snapped her picture and promised to call her and learn more about BluGirl SoapWorks.

SoapRocksWhen we finally connected I learned Roxanne and her husband, Ben, live just south of Corcoran and have been in the neighborhood for 16 years.  They both worked in the local service industry for years, that is, until COVID, when they found themselves unemployed.

Roxanne, or Roxy, loves to take community education classes and apparently, is much more creative than I am.  One of the classes she kept wanting to take was soap making and when she finally got around to it, an obsession was born.  That obsession is now far beyond a hobby. Together, she and Ben decided 2020 was the time to “go all in” and see if her passion for creating homemade cleaning products and lotions could help supplement their income.  They signed up for several farmer’s markets, including Tuesday’s at our local market (she will be there next year too!) and started BluGirl SoapWorks.

They have set up a website where you can browse all of her current products, including her flagship “nub rub”. Roxy originally made this as a gift and began receiving requests for the product.  After gardening, she used the lotion herself on dry hands and realized there may be a market for this product.  For the fun back story on how it got its name, check out her website and support a local business, or follow them on Instagram @blugirlsoapworks and watch for a holiday giveaway coming soon. If you place an order, they have free delivery within a seven mile radius or curbside pickup to make your holiday shopping super simple.

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