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Business Spotlight: TNT – Marcia Laces, Handyperson and Remodeling

Owner: Marcia Laces
Ph# 715-494-1333

Small but mighty. That is how I would describe our neighbor, Marcia. She is a force to be reckoned with. As a former personal trainer, nurse, and banker she really is a Jack – or should I say Jill – of all trades? But first, let’s back up.

Her story starts in Wisconsin as a single mother of three daughters. In a bit of a desperate situation, she decided to take control of her life which resulted in renting a truck, packing up her family and driving to Texas where she got a degree in accounting and business management.

Later and back in Minnesota, thriving as a CFO at a credit union, Marcia had the world at her feet until a sudden ailment made working difficult. It began to take the sight from her eye which made computer work difficult. Ultimately, she lost her job and eventually, everything.

For a couple of years she struggled to make ends meet and supplemented her income by driving all over the Twin Cities providing in-home personal training to women. She eventually took this a step further and opened a women’s only gym in Hudson near her weekend home. She built up the membership and was doing well, but eventually had to let that go too due to issues with the partnership.

Before during after tile floor

Once again she found herself starting over. This time a good friend who knew she had always maintained her own properties asked her to come to Fargo to do construction with him. Her daughters were grown by now and she had nothing to lose.

Marcia spent 6 years doing commercial and residential construction on everything from casinos to wellness facilities. They specialized in flooring, but really they did it all. Eventually, she wanted more and wanted to return to the Cities and decided she could open her own business doing handywork and remodeling. Her motto is A B C for attic, basement, and center. She wants to do it right from top to bottom and everything in between. Her favorite repairs are roofs, gutters, attics, insulation and foundations that are failing due to moisture/water issues. 


Marcia will do anything except electric work or breaking ground, but has helpers that will do electrical so she will still bid your job. If you are looking to remodel, she is good at coming up with a “big vision” and is not afraid to put in the hard work. She has storage units filled with salvage parts she can use to give your space the right look or even help save a little on a big project.

As spring comes, don’t forget the outside of your house. Marcia loves the outdoors. In addition to working on your home, she can landscape and can add a calming water feature to your yard or foam level crooked concrete, which can be much more affordable than replacement.

Work on yard installing a pond

As a single mother, she knows it can be intimidating working with typical remodelers and also knows the feeling someone may be trying to take advantage or charge too much. She tries to keep her rates fair and reasonable. Every job is priced at the initial free consultation.

She carries the unofficial title of “critter catcher” for hauling large dead rats out of walls and will live catch and relocate squirrels or raccoons, if needed as well, before making needed repairs. Marcia is a one woman show, with help to back her up for bigger jobs, as needed.

What are you waiting for? Spring is coming early this year and she is right down the street, fully insured and ready to stop by and give you a bid.

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