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Business Spotlight – The Present Tattoo Parlor


2224 E 35th Street
Owner: Allie Iverson

Allie Iverson is forging new paths within the Minneapolis tattoo community and they are happening right here in our neighborhood. Though not expecting to open her own shop just yet, a string of events starting with a big life change, a referral to a commercial space for rent, and a gut feeling to follow her spiritual instincts, all culminated in Corcoran’s newest tattoo shop.
The Present Tattoo Parlor opened in Corcoran last October in the height of the pandemic and likely highly unnoticed. Located in the former Punk Rawk Labs space in the “Witch District”, the parlor name is a play on words as it is situated across from The Future.
The Present Tattoo feels more like a salon than a traditional parlor. You will walk into a bright and airy lobby with a couch, a table and some albums of artist’s work. Like a salon, Allie has included some jewelry and small housewares that can be purchased as gifts and are created by some of her clientele. Upon entering for an appointment you may be offered a refreshment before starting your personal consultation on what type of art you would like tattooed on your body. Allie has a niche concept and uses her spiritual intuitions to help develop your custom body art.
Allie uses her spirituality and instincts, so I guess you could say it was “kismet” that led to her opening this shop. Allie interpreted the coincidences that brought her to the storefront, along with the address, which contains a triple 2, to be a strong sign that this was meant to be.

While the Present welcomes everyone, Allie admits that her clients are largely queer and generally female or those who traditionally may not feel comfortable in other tattoo parlors. The back of the shop is spacious and has two tattooing stations set on opposite sides of the room, providing plenty of privacy. She has recently hired an intern so there could be 2 artists available at The Present.
Allie’s art has crisp lines, and many of the works are black ink only. She tends to specialize in floral, patterns and other “spiritual” type designs. She is young, energetic and determined and approachable. After a consultation with her, if she feels she is not the right artist for you, she will not hesitate to refer you to another shop or artist in town who would be a better fit.
To review her art, please visit her Instagram pages or set up your first consultation through those pages. If you walk by, wave and welcome The Present Tattoo and Allie to the neighborhood.

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