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Finishing the Course – by Penny Arcos

“There goes a deer!

And there’s her fawn!”

I exclaim.

Riding a twenty-mile range

With bike-a-thon bikers

from Cycles For Change

Just past Harriet Isle

A fawn and a doe

Bound beside us fast and high.

I remember…

Nature hikes with my son

Watching for deer

Till the day was done.

When I could be…

Earning a buck

Watching others’ sons.

Passing Fort Snelling

Red-winged Blackbirds chirr,

Black- Capped Chickadees sing.

I remember…

My son’s middle school trip;

Watching the soldiers, the doctor, the washer

And the blacksmith’s glowing iron strip

When I could be…

Teaching preschoolers

To read and write and zip.

As Ford Lock and Dam we pass

Our director shares bike shop trials

From college days so long ago passed.

I remember…

Our Saturdays with bikes to revamp

At Cycles for Change

To pay for Youth Group Camp.

When I could be…

Working at School Age Care

and then Iduhapi Camp.

Taking a break at Minnehaha Falls

A boy marvels with his Mom

At the wonder of it all.

I remember …

Swimming in the creek

When my son was three feet tall.

When I could be…

Selling women’s shoes

At the mega mall.

Back at home base

Old Fashioned Riverboats depart.

But for us …a barbecue awaits.

My son is working all day on a lake.

He calls me up

To say he’s doing great.

One course complete, I rest at ease.

For the greater,

My Heavenly Father is pleased.


Originally published in the October – November 2019 issue of the Corcoran news 

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