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“Stop Racism Forever”

By Sam Hesla, Corcoran resident

When people use the “n” word, they are trying to get a reaction from black people.  So they lose their temper and react in a poor way, they get separated and that is also wrong. 

If people lose their temper, that is also wrong.   But that does not mean you are allowed to be racist towards them.

If I stand up for their rights,  

For example,  if a black man can’t fight back, then the white should stand up for their rights.  When he stands up for their rights, they could say to the racist person, “why don’t you knock it off.”

I actually would stand up for my friends’ rights. 

Why are white people racist?   Because they feel crap about themselves.   Just like bullies do. Sometimes people go along with their racist friends.  Why do they do that? Probably they don’t believe in “black lives matter”. But what if they did believe in “black lives matter” and STILL were racist with their friends?   Why would they do that? They are afraid of losing their friends.  

But what would a good friend do?   They might stay away.

Only some white people are racist and some are not.

Why does racism make the world worse?

When I watched “Rise Planet of The Apes” the president helped the Black people rise and fight back and win the war and create peace.  How can we do that today, in real life? The ARMY and MILITARY could train their soldiers to make peace between people. Black and white have to be together, not separated. Play card games and Board games together.

Black people are not treated fairly when they try to get an apartment in Minneapolis. Sometimes Black people get kicked out of their place because they are Black.  Sometimes there used to be signs for white only and sometimes signs for Black only. that was wrong.

We need to have a way that police can catch racist landlords who treat black people unfairly.

Banks sometimes kick the Black people out of their place. That’s messed up.   Maybe a cop could go undercover and act like a black renter. How would that be done?

When black and white people are separated, that is the Jim Crow law.  And that is illegal, because the Jim Crow law is not supposed to be a law.

The sign of “Black Lives Matter” is still up because there is still a problem.   When black person came home and told his parents that the officer with the billy club told me to get off of the baseball field, because I’m African American.    It used to be illegal for a black to go in the white area. But not anymore. They changed the law because the races need to be together.

So how could the policeman tell the black man he had to get off the field.   Probably they need to take it to the court. Both the officer and the black man need to go to court.  

[black man, to the judge] 

“the officer told me to get off the field because I’m black.  And that’s wrong, because I need to play baseball and I love to play baseball.  Its always been my hobby. Its wrong when the officer told me to get off the field, and that is really racist and wrong.”

[white policeman, to the judge] 

“ I think that black and white need to be separated.  

(judge: why do you think they do?]

Policeman: “That’s the way it has to be because that’s the law, and that’s how the law has been made” 

[but I say, maybe it shouldn’t be a law.  Why should it be a law?]

The law needs to say that everybody has equal rights.  Black and white. Everybody has their rights. But how can we citizens make this happen?   By a protest or a rally to stand up and speak up for the rights for everyone. Including black people.


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