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Welcome to the new Corcoran News

Well if you caught the last two issues of the Corcoran News, you know already that they literally were the Last issues of the Corcoran News, at least the printed ones.

I’m excited to be part of the committee that is managing the conversion to our new online presence. But getting a new site off the ground and filled with content for our neighborhood to read is a lot of work. So I ask for your patience while we get these first few issues off the ground.

In the mean time, we are in the process of uploading older articles, like our wonderful Business Spotlight Articles by Kelly Savage, or the updates on the construction around the Midtown Market location and the YWCA.

In the future please look forward to more frequent updates, more up-to-date information, and hopefully more community engagement. Changing our format to online is also allowing us to up what we can share. One of the most requested items has been to share more images, specially colored images. Well now they can all be color, and we have added a Gallery page. So even if there isn’t an article we can make room for them now.

We’ll be continuing to share as many local community events as we can, specially now that we have more room. But if we miss something and you know of any local events or would like to share and promote yours with us please submit it & let us know.

Another popular request, bring back the youth author…
Well we are working on this one, but if you know anyone living in the neighborhood, or a student of South Highschool even please, we’d love to talk. We’ll share poems, drawings, comics, or articles about why the Utilities cut the tree in that Y shape.

In addition to republishing some of our past articles here online, we’ve also included a page where we will archive as many of the past issues in PDF form as we can locate. If you have an older copy of the the Corcoran News, we would love to be able to share it.

So once again, I thank you in advance for your patience as we get our new format off the ground, and don’t get to upset as we continue to fudge with the site to get it right.
In the mean time, again if you have any suggestions, can’t find something you like to see, or would even like to contribute to the paper, please email us at Hope to hear from you!
Thank You from the Corcoran Newspaper Committee

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