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Board Minutes from November 8th, 2018


Thursday, November 8, 2018
6:30-9:00 at CNO Office

Attending:  Flannery, Kelly, Lori, Adam, Matt, Mike, Ellie and ED Alicia

6:30 Call to Order – Board List is now working.

ED Report

  • Give to the Max Day    Received $500 Golden ticket + $1800+
  • Jenna (Market Manager) hit the ground running.  Has established “Think Tank” group.  Working on MFM Budget and operational needs (like tables and tents), etc.
  • We hosted a celebration of Life group.   We will begin a Seniors Be Bold Fitness group beginning in January, 2019.
  • 1st Thursday of month will be an Open House to meet at a different time to allow neighbors, renters, businesses to get to know us.
  • Financials:  Matt presented some overview in preparation for Budget 2019 to be voted on in December BOD meeting.  Some grants need to be invoiced.   COPA left over funds (SEE COPA)


  • McKnight  – reapply in 2019
  • Encourage volunteers and BOD to check with employers to give to CNO
  • See if employers will match gifts to CNO
  • Encourage BOD and volunteers to donate a monthly gift to CNO.

Farmers Market

  • Market committee wants to move to Moon Palace.  Need to get decision from Target and Moon Palace.  Proceed with decisions, city inspections, measurements, and electricity, prepared foods on concrete surface.  Target’s decision meeting is on January 25.


  • The discussion of several options and costs to proceed with updating Website and beginning the online newspaper opened several new options.


  • This group is going to no longer be a part of the programming of CNO.  They asked that left over funds go into MFM budget.  Adam moved and Matt seconded.

Strategic Plan

  • Discussion emphasized that we would like for a one page summary come from Mario after he receives feedback from committee and Board.

Land Use & Housing

  • Renters United update.  Alicia has been involved with some families who have contacted her.
  • Preparations for the Oversight committee and  formal ask of Committee of the Whole.
  • Adam agreed to  meet with new commissioner and draft a letter for CNO to Peter McGlaughlin.

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