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Board Minutes from February 14, 2018


Thursday, February 14, 2018
7:00-9:00 at CNO Office

Attending: Flannery, Matt, Kelly, Aubrie, Dillon, Lori, Ellie and ED Alisha
Guest:  Kevin Kirsch  (volunteer with Renters Group

7:00 Call to Order:  Flannery

Flannery introduced Kevin who set up and delivered a program that described the situation surrounding the issues facing a group of renters in our neighborhood that has been a focus of CNO outreach.  Creative, factual, enlightening, valuable were words used in evaluating the presentation.

Executive Update:  Alicia

  • Fit and Strong participants — 6 ladies 1 man.  Still room for more.  Likely will offer again.
  • McKnight Grant – Alicia has been in touch with our liaison to make sure reporting is caught up.  We will be applying for new grant this year.
  • Mike, our financial liaison to Hennepin County. Will be doing our 2018  audit.  He has helped us 2015, 16, 17.   One of his concerns is Market Bucks.  The Metro Market Collaborative is working on solutions that will help all Markets.

CNO and News Websites

  • Lori showed, demonstrated, and described the updating she has done on the website and newsletter.  Board members were very pleased with Lori’s explanations and the look of the updates.
  • Kudos to Lori were very upbeat.

Book/Bake Sale

      Book and Bake Sale is ready to go on February 16.

      Lori and Kelly have recruited some help and donations of books and baked goods including some market vendors.

Conflict of Interest Forms

  • Flannery explained the purpose and need for board members to sign the forms annually.
  • All present members completed the forms.
  • The remaining board members will be given the forms at the March Board meeting.

Board/Committee Member Recruitment 1st Thursday of the month.  March 7  6-7:30 pm

Volunteer Appreciation

  • This topic will be addressed at the March Board meeting.


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